Saturday, March 24, 2012

Advocates From Years Ago

 "Mrs. Reisch?"  Yes! We recognized each other at about the same time.  Chet Fery , known as The Bread Man, had just finished his presentation at our Lutheran Women's Communion Brunch program.  His audience listened closely to his stories - Breadtime Stories - about the people he has met while encouraging kids and adults to make bread.  He invited us to tell our own Bread stories, and emphasized the way the kindness of sharing bread (in the last 10 years, he has made over 30,000 loaves) can change peoples' lives.~~~As Chet Fery greeted the women afterward, he surprised me with his words, "Mrs. Reisch?  Yes!!  I knew Jeff!  He was a wonderful boy, full of love - unconditional love!"  Mrs. Fery had come with him, and she knew Jeff from his days at BOCES.  A double blessing!  It made my day!  Jeff's life has had a ripple effect 20 to 30 years later!!  Wow!  Lord!
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  1. Jeff obviously made a huge impression on people.
    They remember him.